Made in New York Jazz Festival. Annual Signature Event.


    Original animated guide to… Well, you tell us.


    Anyone with a smartphone can shoot a movie. We create high value films that engage target audiences, stimulate curiosity and generate new business. see more


    All things are designed. Very few are designed well.


  • Made in NY Jazz

    Made In New York Jazz

    The Made in New York Jazz Competition is the world’s first and fastest growing online jazz competition. Competition entrants upload video...
  • Beerstructions

    Ochakovo Beer

    Beer Ochakovo is definitely the flag bearer in Ochakovo’s long line of beers. This particular brand of beer is over 18 years old. To maintain...
  • 3D Aniguide

    Aniguide 3D

    Ezgobz has developed an effective and modern digital marketing technique that will replace traditional marketing tools in the years to come. 3D...
  • Universal Billing

    Universal Billing

    VIDEO PRESENTATION FOR UNIVERSAL BILLING: Medical billing companies take over the responsibility of filing, submitting and following up claims. With...
  • Aniguide 2D

    Aniguide 2D

    Ezgobz recognizes how videos can be a strategic medium to reach the potential buying market for any company advertising its product or service....
  • Luv My Vision Video Ad


    Series of video commercials for EYE Boutique in Brooklyn  ...
  • Sandwich Aniguide

    How To Eat A Sandwich

    Video isn’t just good for mobile, essential for SEO and a great way to instantly get consumer’s attention on blogs, websites, landing pages and...
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We are a young, creative, agile marketing firm that knows how to connect all the dots. We want to help you grow, because we would like to grow with you. Marketing in todays economy is a tightrope act. Fortunately, we are not afraid of heights.



We want you to grow, because we want to grow with you. It’s that simple.

  • Aniguides

    ANIGUIDE is a COMPACT ANIMATED PRESENTATION MOVIE about a PRODUCT, SERVICE, PROCESS or anything else you want to present, explain or promote

  • Video & Audio Production

    We offer Production and Post-Production services. Music Videos, Short Films, Commercials, Documentary, Motion Graphics and more

  • Design

    Powerful identity and branding strategy can endow any new service or product with instant credibility and importance. We will create designs that will speak your brand!

  • Media Placement

    We create and execute media plans that will reach the greatest number of target consumers by integrating Tv, Radio, Magazines and various online entities


Power Of Human Connection

We strongly believe that in the age of digital disconnect and rapidly changing markets, actual human connection is becoming more important than ever. When doing business with EZgoBZ you are not dealing with a faceless firm. Right from the get go you are paired with a capable and attentive representative who is always ready to listen and help. We always answer the phone and return messages. EZgoBZ is a closely knit team of  artists, engineers and inspired problem solvers who will stay with you all the way to success.

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