Aniguide 3D

on Jul 31

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Ezgobz has developed an effective and modern digital marketing technique that will replace traditional marketing tools in the years to come. 3D Aniguides are easily accessible through computers, smart phones and tablets, reaching significantly more potential customers and audiences than flyers and print ads can.

It is estimated that by 2016, over 70% of mobile phone users will be logging on to the Internet through their cellular phones and the best way to tap into that market is to create a digital marketing campaign that viewers can easily access through their mobile devices. Ezgobz is leading the way in this digital marketing revolution with Aniguides.

3D Aniguides are compact presentation movies created by Ezgobz’s talented artists, digital movie-makers and creative scriptwriters. These witty animations are designed to introduce products, services, processes and other promotional items in a fresh and entertaining manner that will surely captivate a wide range of viewers and customers.

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